OGDF stands both for Open Graph Drawing Framework (the original name) and Open Graph algorithms and Data structures Framework.

OGDF is a self-contained C++ library for graph algorithms, in particular for (but not restricted to) automatic graph drawing. It offers sophisticated algorithms and data structures to use within your own applications or scientific projects. The library is developed on GitHub and available under the GNU General Public License. There also exists a side-project ogdf-python that enables Python bindings for the OGDF.

OGDF is used in various research projects, as can be seen, e.g., at Google Scholar. When using OGDF in your research, please cite:

M. Chimani, C. Gutwenger, M. J√ľnger, G. W. Klau, K. Klein, P. Mutzel.
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Chapter 17 in: R. Tamassia (ed.), Handbook of Graph Drawing and Visualization, CRC Press, 2014.