What is OGDF?

The Open Graph Drawing Framework (OGDF) is an open-source C++ library offering data-structures and algorithms specifically tuned for, but not restricted to, graph drawing applications. It is not a program which can be directly used to draw graphs, but an algorithmic layer to be used within such other programs.

What does OGDF require?

OGDF compiles under Linux, MacOS and Windows, with current GCC and Microsoft compilers. The library itself is self-contained, i.e., it does not require any other libraries such as LEDA.
Optionally, OGDF can be linked against IBM CPLEX or Gurobi for solving LPs.

Is there a roadmap for new features, releases, …?

Currently, there is no fixed roadmap. The development of OGDF is strongly based on our current research interests and projects.

What is the release schedule of OGDF?

We do not follow a regular schedule, and new releases will come whenever we feel that OGDF has changed or grown enough to qualify for a new release. When bugs pop up, we will publish hotfixes for the current release.

Where can I learn how to use OGDF?

You can start with looking at code samples at our How-Tos. Our page also offers overviews on basic data structures, graph classes, layout algorithms, and modules provided by OGDF. For further details you can always consult our full reference documentation of OGDF or read/ask on our mailing list.